Frequently Asked Questions

Is Kerrygold butter suitable for vegetarians?
Yes, our products are suitable for vegetarians.
Are Kerrygold Butters vegan?
No, they are made with cream, which is derived from cow's milk.
Are Kerrygold products Halal certified?

We have a wide range of products that are produced across a number of manufacturing facilities, some of which are Halal certified and some are not.


The following products come from Halal approved sites; Kerrygold Unsalted Block Butter 250g, Kerrygold Salted Butter Portions 7g.


The following products do not come from Halal approved sites; Kerrygold Salted Block Butter 250g, Kerrygold Salted Block Butter 200g, Kerrygold Softer Butter 250g, Kerrygold Spreadable 500g and Kerrygold Lighter Spreadable 500g.

Are Kerrygold butters organic?
No, the milk used in our products is not guaranteed organic.
The label says no added preservatives but you add salt, isn’t salt a preservative?
Salt is the only thing that can be legally added to butter and the product can still be labelled butter. In this instance salt is added primarily for taste purposes and not as a preservative.