Our Story

To bring the Kerrygold Irish meadows to life, we teamed up with a world-renowned food artist to create a stunning four-metre long, half-tonne, meadow cake. This included miniature sugar cows, hedges, trees, farm house, flowers and hay bales. 

We then took the cake to London, so commuters could see our lush 'meadows' for themselves. Watch the video to see the story behind our beautiful meadow cake. 


The Kerrygold story is a simple one. We work with small co-operative farms where small herds are free to graze on lush Irish meadows.

It means Kerrygold cows are healthy and happy, free to roam outside.

It’s these cows, and countless generations of dairy knowhow, that makes our butter taste so good. We always know where all of our milk comes from, which is why we promise to only produce the most delicious, golden dairy, pure and simple. 

Is a cow’s diet in Ireland comprised of grass only?
Irish dairy cows enjoy a healthy grass-based diet all year round. During peak milk production in the summer months, cows graze outdoors on our lush green pastures all day long. Even in winter months Irish cows enjoy a predominantly grass-based diet. They eat silage which is fermented high moisture fodder cut from summer grass and stored for winter feeding.
Are Irish cows fed grain and if yes, why?
An Irish cow’s diet is grass-based with small amounts of supplementary feed provided during the year to maintain the cow’s health and wellbeing.
What percentage of an Irish cow’s diet is comprised of grass and grain/supplements?
Irish cows enjoy a healthy grass-based diet all year round, spending up to 300 days a year grazing outdoors.